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Episode 27: A Life Saving Strategy with Vision Zero Houston

Description: Vision Zero Houston is on a mission to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on Houston roads by 2030. With a draft plan taking shape, help from the entire community is needed to reach that goal.

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Episode 26: Introducing METRORapid

Description: The greater Houston region is introduced to bus rapid transit technology with the launch of the METRORapid Silver Line. We get the details on this new route, learn what makes it different from METRO’s other services and discuss why this is just the beginning for this transit option in the region.

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Episode 25: Revisiting Some of the Best Stops

Description: We revisit some of the most interesting stops made during the podcast's previous 24 episodes.

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Episode 24: Transit Equity

Description: A conversation with researcher and Kyle Shelton examining the historical context of transit infrastructure investments and the role expansion of equitable access to public transportation can play in the conversation about improving civil rights overall. Shelton is the of Power Moves: Transportation, Politics and Development in Houston and deputy director at Rice University's Kinder Institute for Urban Research.

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Episode 23: The Pandemic's Impact and Opportunities for Public Transit

Description: COVID-19 has meant dramatic changes for public transportation. METRO is now restoring service as businesses begin to reopen. Some services and operations may be changed forever. The episode examines the changes, long term impact and opportunities for public transit as recovering from the pandemic begins.

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Episode 22: Paratransit Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Description: METROLift, one of the nation's largest paratransit services, continues to serve the disability community during the COVID-19 pandemic. This episode takes a close look at the dedicated efforts to ensure continued safe operations of this essential service.


Episode 21: Serving Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Description: Even during a world pandemic, public transportation remains a lifeline to frontline workers and other riders. From increasing sanitization to changing boarding procedures, METRO is adapting to protect the safety of its passengers and employees while continuing to provide its vital service.

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